About our Mission

Wellness for Happiness is an online magazine combined with an online wellness directory.

Mission: Inspire, educate and empower individuals towards a higher level of Wellness in order to enjoy greater Happiness

Vision: Our vision is to positively impact 1,000,000 people through our Wellness For Happiness Movement.


Discover our 2 Online Resources:

To support our mission and promote this Wellness movement, we offer 2 online FREE resources:

    1. ONLINE WELLNESS MAGAZINE: We provide valuable wellness information by sharing insights, advice, techniques and resources from local, national or international wellness experts.
    2. ONLINE DIRECTORY: We Facilitate the path to implementation by connecting to the expert resource. Our online directory supports individuals in finding the wellness resource in their specific area and building their power team (Nutrition, Naturopath, Organic Stores, Massage, Yoga Studios, Chiropractors…)


The 4 Core Pillars of our E-Magazine:

We believe that True Sustainable Wellness requires to incorporate the various dimensions of our being and life.

Thus, our Wellness For Happiness Magazine focuses on exploring the multiple facets and perspectives of wellness by looking at how we relate to our Food, Body, Mind, Life and Environment.